At the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, individual studies are mandatory.While compiling the reports of such studies, the client must understand the features of research paper.It is vital to note that the features of research paper are universal.This helps in creating an element of uniformity in scholarly writing.The features of research paper in United States are the same as the academic standards in Japan.Similarly, the features of research paper in Europe are the same the features of research paper in South America.This shows that the features of research paper are uniform all parts of the world.

Precision is among the most critical features of research paper.Precision helps in demonstrating high standards of academic rigor. In order to attain the necessary precision in academic writing, clients must use the right language.Consequently, informal language or slang is not part of the essential features of research paper.Using such language in academic writing might result into the deduction of precious marks.The features of research paper also include accuracy. Most scholars have the tendency to use estimations while working on academic papers. However,such an approach is not acceptable in any institution of higher learning.The findings should highlight the data or information from actual surveys. Essentially,this perspective goes a long way towards averting fabrication in academic writing.

Accuracy also helps in demonstrating the client's quality in primary research.High levels of accuracy result into excellent grades while low levels of accuracy culminate into poor grades.This indicates the necessity of accuracy in academic studies.Another critical aspect of consideration pertains to plagiarism.Plagiarism refers to a situation in which an individual copies the work of other people without permission.Essentially, this is also tantamount to the infringement of intellectual property rights.In most jurisdictions, the infringement of intellectual property rights is punishable through a jail sentence.In other cases, the offense might result into hefty fines. When a client participates in plagiarism, it undermines his or her integrity.All institutions of higher learning like colleges and universities have zero tolerance policies against plagiarism.
There are several tactics of avoiding plagiarism in academic writing. Firstly, it is important to provide sufficient bibliographic information in the document.The bibliographic information includes a list of references and sufficient in-text citations.The client must also aim to avoid lengthy quotations.Instead of quotations, paraphrasing serves as an excellent alternative. Secondly,clients should consult as many sources as possible.This approach also helps in boosting the quality of academic writing.

Proficiency in the various academic writing styles is also a vital component of the features of research paper.These writing styles include MLA, Harvard and APA among others.Essentially,each of these styles has unique attributes. For instance, footnotes or end notes are mandatory while citing sources in the Chicago writing style.On the other hand, in-text citations are critical components of the APA style.These styles are vital while writing high quality academic essays.They help in distinguishing formal writing and informal writing.The features of research paper also include adequate review of literature. This approach helps in providing the background of the study.This highlights the findings from previous surveys. The crucial features of research paper also encompass the presentation of conclusions.The conclusions indicate the inferences made from the study.