A case study is a puzzle that needs to be solved.It provides enough analysis of a case or a situation,which can reveal some essential information about something.The first thing to consider on how to write a case study is that it must have a problem that the reader will solve.The case must have enough information so that the reader can understand what the problem is.So that after the reader thinks about it and analyze the information,they can be able to come up with a better solution for the case.An excellent case should be more than the description where the information should be arranged in such a manner that places the reader in the same position as the writer.The key of how to write a case study is to take the huge problem and bringing it down to a single unit or the level of the individual.When thinking about how to write a case study,it is necessary to remember to consider the application of theories, heavy research,concepts, and knowledge of the field.The steps to consider on how to write a case study involve first determining what the case is going to be about.It is essential to think about problems that one might have discussed in class.It is necessary to perform a thorough research after having identified the problem and taking notes.
The next step to consider on how to write a case study is to choose a case site.One should think of a company,location,individual or an organization that is dealing with the identified problem.The next important factor on how to write a case study is to plan to have an interview with the people who should be involved in the same place of the case site.The next step on how to write a case study is to start the interview process by talking to the individuals in the case site.This involves asking people what they have been trying to solve and what their feeling is about concerning the situation.It is advisable by how to write a case study guidelines for one to ask open ended questions, which will provide one with information of what is working, the parties involved and how the situation developed.It is essential for one to avoid questions that will only give yes or no answers,as they do not provide in depth information that one might be requiring.
Another factor to consider on case study is to remember to analyze the information.This helps one to determine the information that is relevant to the problem. Once all the necessary information is gathered from the field, it now becomes easy to write the case study.The first step to consider on How to write a case study is to write the introduction about the problem by describing the problem in a broader sense.After the introduction, the next step on how to write a case study is writing the background information about the case on what makes the case special.The following sections should be about the problem and telling the reader what one learned from the interviews, ones feeling and thought of the people working in the site.The final section of how to write a case study includes the conclusion part.This paragraphs wraps up the paper with possible solutions and leaving the paper open for the reader to come up with some answers.