Clients face challenges when writing term papers as they do not know the features of term paper.Hence,the clients write assignments that do not include the necessary features of term paper.Clients should understand the features of term paper well before commencing the writing process.The most common features of term paper comprise relevance. The assignment should be relevant to the course or discipline.Instructors give clients assignments to assess their knowledge about a certain topic.Therefore,the assignment should show clients understanding of the topic covered or issue.The assignments should include enough points that examine different aspects of the topic or subject.Originality is one of the central features of term paper.The assignment should be original and unique.The writer should not copy and paste content from the sources used as this affects the originality of the work.Reading the sources provided before commencing the assignment ensures the content presented is original. Information from the sources should be synthesized to ensure the assignment to promote originality.Note taking and identifying key points can help synthesize the content.The most key features of term paper encompass clarity.The writer should communicate the message clearly to the readers.The writer can target different readers depending on the topic and the course.Thus, the content should be clear for the intended readers to understand it.

As one of the key features of term paper,coherency refers to the flow of the content.The sections of the assignment should be organized well to promote coherency.The sections should be well interconnected to improve the readers understanding.Transitional words can be used to ensure the content has excellent flow.The transitional words used depend on the writer as people have different preferences.The transition words should be well used to connect the relevant sections.The sections that need to be interconnected should be identified before writing the assignment.The sections can be identified using the question provided.As one of the essential features, presentation refers to how well the information in the assignment is presented.The writer should exhibit his or her presentation skills when writing the assignments.The content should be well presented.Also,organization is one of the important features of term paper.The assignment should be organized depending on the format given by the tutor.Otherwise, the client should determine how he will organize the assignment and present the content.

Referencing is one of the most main features of term paper.The assignment should include a list of sources utilized.The sources depend on the course and topic.The sources used should be relevant to the topic and course.The sources should be included in an alphabetical order.As one of the critical features of term paper, in text citation makes the content valid.In text citations should also be included when writing the assignment.The in text citations depended on the style chosen.Truthful is one of the vital features of term paper.The information presented should be valid and reliable.Using multiple sources ensures the content is valid.In addition,selecting the most crucial and relevant sources improves the validity and reliability of the content presented.It ensures the content given can be generalized if it is a study.Therefore,the qualities presented are the most fundamental features of term paper that determine whether an assignment qualifies to be a term paper.