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Writing a legitimate thesis should be the objective of every student. Students are required to complete a comprehensive thesis prior to their graduation. The writing process of a legitimate thesis takes time. Students are, therefore, required to plan and ensure they have ample time to complete the thesis as required. Students who do not plan risk engaging in las minute writing that can be disastrous. Some students risk copying other scholars work and presenting them as their own. Such students score very low marks as they fail to present legitimate thesis

Original Topic

The first step in writing a legitimate thesis is establishing the appropriate topic. Students must engage their instructors in the process of establishing the ideal topic of their thesis. A legitimate thesis is made up of a research with a topic that is researchable. This is a topic that is neither too narrow nor too broad. Students must ensure that the topic they select has adequate information. Information from previously done papers can provide students with a strong foundation on how to write their legitimate thesis.


A legitimate thesis must be accompanied by a legitimate proposal.  A proposal outlines the steps that the students intend to undertake in preparation and during the legitimate thesis writing process. A research proposal is a plan. Students are expected to consult with their instructors on the final outlook of their proposal. The proposal should provide a skeleton of how the legitimate essay will look like upon completion.

Up-to-date Literature Review               

A comprehensive literature review provides students with a platform from where they can write their papers. A legitimate thesis has a comprehensive literature review on issues related to the selected topic. The literature review must also be recent and peer-reviewed. It is only peer-reviewed articles and journals that provide reliable information that can be used for a legitimate thesis. The literature review must also be based on recent sources so as to keep up with any changes that may have arisen in the span of years. Students should ensure they do not plagiarize the work that they present as their own. When writing the literature review, it is advisable that students paraphrase or summarize the content from other sources. Copying work for word results to plagiarism.

Editing services

 A legitimate thesis is also free of grammatical errors. Students should ensure that they peruse their legitimate thesis before presenting them to their instructors. Papers that are free off grammatical errors are easy to read and comprehend. Students must also ensure that factors such as tense and transitional sentences have been used correctly.

 Writing services

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