Legitimate Thesis

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Thesis is one of the most crucial assignments in every school curricula. In most cases, students cannot graduate without passing their dissertation or thesis. However, writing a quality thesis is not easy.  It requires a lot of practice, which most students do not have. Often professors teach students how to write thesis theoretically, and they have little or no space for practice. This leaves most students unprepared to write quality thesis.  These students require assistance from persons who skills and experience in writing thesis. We are an online writing company aimed at assisting these students with legitimate thesis writing services.

Qualities of a good thesis

What is the definition of a legitimate thesis?  There are attributes of a thesis that makes it legitimate.

Thesis statement

 A legitimate thesis should have an effective thesis statement supported by evidence.  This sentence should be of adequate scope and should be sharply focused. Most students write general thesis statement that has ambiguous or vague words and sweeping words such as “there are many similarities and differences.  The statement should be brief yet clear enough for your professor to understand.  It is crucial to understand that a thesis statement should be argumentative and not a restatement of the topic.  Additionally, the thesis should be relevant to the field of study and applicable in real life. A good thesis statement is the basis of a legitimate thesis.

Research design

The quality of a legitimate thesis is greatly influenced by the research design.  The research design selected should be appropriate to the objectives and questions of the thesis.  A legitimate thesis should describe the methodology used vividly.  Any unconventional or creative methodology or analysis should be justified to demonstrate that the student was knowledgeable in selecting the methodology. Most students will agree selecting and describing the method to use in thesis is one of the most challenging activities.  However, our writers sped every day of their life writing theses from different colleges. Therefore, they have perfected their skills. The results of a legitimate thesis should be defensible. Possibility of bias or distortion should be identified.  Additionally, the results should be presented in an appropriate manner and a clear interpretation.

A legitimate thesis has a well-structured and focused argument.  Various aspects of the argument should be clearly linked and explained. A legitimate thesis should use authoritative research materials from credible sources. The materials should be assimilated and integrated into the argument perfectly. A professionally written thesis should have a conclusion that is perfectly linked to data and assimilated data, and not opinion.  

Lastly, a legitimate thesis should be well written, should be elegant, logical and focused.  It is important to restrict your thesis within the word limit and ensure it is concise and to the point.  It should be logically and clearly structured.  Every paragraph of the thesis should have a main idea that is supported by evidence.  

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